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Intuitive Guidance for Your Wellbeing

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your health issues?

Are you seeking clarity in your care?

Do you need an advocate to see the bigger picture?

Hello! My name is DonnaLee Paul and I am a Lived Experience Wellness coach.  


Lived experience can be the greatest teacher. In my own struggle with chronic illness, I sought care from specialist after specialist, always seeming to reach a dead end. I needed a holistic perspective, someone who would see my body as a whole, and understand how my symptoms were connected. 


I recognized that I knew my body best, and I could be my own healer. I learned that my intuition was an invaluable tool that I could use to gain deeper understanding into my health. Now, I want to share this gift with you.


I offer personalized support and intuitive guidance to point you in the right direction towards true wellbeing. Through Intuitive Wellness Guidance Consultations, we can tune into your body’s priority and discover the root cause of your health issues.


Your Intuitive Guidance Session will:

  • Review your health history and current care plan

  • Provide a supportive space for you to be heard, acknowledged, and understood

  • Identify your body’s top priorities through intuitive energy testing

  • Streamline your supplement/treatment plans through intuitive energy testing

  • Get you back in touch with your own intuition

  • Shift your focus towards resilience and empowerment

  • Strengthen your confidence in your body’s ability to heal


Intuitive Guidance is solution-focused, root-cause centered care. My goal is to educate you on the deeper connections within your body to better understand what your body is trying to tell you. I am an advocate for you and your health. Together, we can create a plan that works best for you, and get you back to life.

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