$50 Summer Special Cold Laser Detox

Hot summer days coupled with poor food choices can make the body feel overtired, bloated, and sluggish.


Consider a summer detox a way to reboot and reverse the BBQs, beers, and trips to the ice cream parlor.


Feel healthier, energized, and ready for summer all in a 30-minute visit. Available all month long during July 2021.



During the month of June ONLY! Save $40 when you BUY 3 bottles -- GET ONE bottle FREE! Available in office only!


Summer Detox Special
10 PACK only $450

Get the most from your body this summer. While one detox can work wonders it is not a quick fix. You must support your body regularly to achieve and maintain optimal health. That is why we are offering a  discounted 10 pack to help you stay healthy all summer long. 

Take advantage of the 10 pack of 30 minute sessions -- only $450!  Bring a friend -- can be shared with friends and family.