Red Light Therapy

Proven Benefits of 
Red Light Therapy

Improve Overall Skin Health

Increased Collagen Production 

Enhance Weight Loss 

Optimize Brain Function

Improve Mood

Overcome Fatigue

Reduce Brain Fog

Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Reduce Oxidative Stress

Increase Muscle Recovery

Reduce Muscle Soreness

Better Physical Performance

Alleviate Arthritis 

Reduce Joint Pain & Inflammation 

Speed Up Wound Healing

Improve Hormonal Health

Enhance Thyroid Health

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy has been studied and tested across hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical trials, with overwhelmingly positive results for skin health, collagen production, physical performance & muscle recovery, sleep, joint pain, inflammation, and a lot more. And that’s without drugs, chemicals, UV rays, invasive procedures, or other common side effects.


By emitting low-light wavelengths that penetrate the skin, red light therapy helps naturally jump-start the process of tissue recovery and other forms of rejuvenation through increased blood flow, collagen stimulation, and more.  These wavelengths of light are “bioactive” in humans. That means this type of light literally affects the function of our cells, positively affecting our cellular energy, multiple nervous systems, and our metabolic processes.


All living things need to make ATP cellular energy to function and survive, and nearly all living things rely on natural light to power this process in our cells every day. Red and near-infrared wavelengths of natural light stimulate the mitochondria in your cells, the powerhouses responsible for taking light, oxygen, and the food we eat—and turning it into usable energy for our bodies through the process of cellular respiration.


Some of the Ways Red Light Therapy Works:


  • Increasing energy levels by promoting the release of ATP from cells’ mitochondria

  • Stimulating DNA/RNA synthesis

  • Activating the lymphatic system, an important part of our immune system that helps carry waste out of the body

  • Increasing blood flow/circulation, thereby helping bring more oxygen and nutrients to our cells and tissues

  • Forming new capillaries (small blood vessels)

  • Improving natural production of collagen and fibroblasts, important for things like skin, joint and digestive health

  • Repairing and restoring damaged soft connective tissue

  • Stimulating or decreasing inflammation, which helps control our natural healing capabilities

  • Lowering effects of oxidative stress/free radical damage, which is associated with many effects of aging



Performance & Recovery

Red Light Therapy is on the cutting edge of the next level of sports performance. Several recent clinical studies have shown higher endurance performance, faster recovery, and increased muscle gain. Endorsed by Olympic, NFL, NHL, Major League Baseball, UFC, & Crossfit Athletes.


Beauty & Skin

Red Light Therapy goes way beyond just the fat loss commercials you may have seen. Most of the Beauty benefits we've seen come down to promoting healthier skin function at the cellular level, which has been shown to improve skin texture and feel, increase collagen production, and diminish fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and wrinkles. This is likely to be the first benefit you'll notice. Featured in Vogue, Elle, and Shape magazines.


Health & Wellness

One of the most important things you can possibly do for your health is to get more sunshine. For those of us too busy or in the middle of winter there are many positive effects to supplementing our light intake with different light devices including Light Boxes, UV lights, and Red Light Therapy Devices (Like ours).

Red light therapy has shown promise for treating symptoms of joint pain and osteoarthritis due to aging or those caused by cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation, hair loss, wounds or incisions, acne, wrinkles and skin discoloration, chronic muscular pain, neurological damage, and tissue damage (often at the root of tears, sprains or pulls). 


Who uses Red Light Therapy?

Super Models, Pro Sports Teams and Top Athletes all share a secret weapon: Red Light Therapy!

NFL stars, NBA teams, Olympians, world-class trainers, natural health leaders, Super Models, leading clinics and gyms are using red light therapy every day for the natural health benefits.​

There are now over 3,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies showing incredible health and anti-aging benefits of red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy.


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