The past year has been an experience unlike any other. It’s been challenging and stressful, to say the least. Taking care of ourselves in these trying times has never been more important. 

In following with our commitment to SELF-CARE, this year we’ve decided that since we can’t host our Self-Care Wellness Fair in person, we would switch things up with our

Self-Care Wellness Fair Marketplace!

ENJOY the $20 Mini-Sessions during the month of MARCH 2021 

Keep reading to see how it works, we hope to see you soon!


How will it work?

1.    Check out all the $20 mini-session options listed below

2.    Choose the mini-sessions you would like to enjoy 

3.    Each mini session has a link with info on how to purchase

4.    Schedule your mini-sessions at your convenience all month long

5.    ENJOY all the vendor discounts and offers listed below all month long

NOTE: Mini-sessions are LIMITED so be sure to book early!

Limit one per person of EACH mini-session.

Due to overwhelming response -- Mini-Sessions at Be Intentionally Well 

(Cold Laser Detox, Stem Cell, BioScan, BrainTap)

will be extended to 4/15/21!!

Limit one per person of EACH mini-session


Start with a 20-minute Exclusive Cold Laser Detox™ at Be Intentionally Well


Cold Laser Detox™ combines Cold Laser Therapy, Homeopathic Frequency Therapy, & Ionic Cellular Cleanse Foot Spa.


Whether you are looking to be proactive about your health and staying healthy or suffer from any chronic illnessCold Laser Detox™ is FOUNDATIONAL to your wellness. This protocol is painless, non-invasive, all-natural, & proven effective. Cold Laser Detox™ is a whole body, multi-therapy approach to wellness, ridding your body of toxins at the source, strengthening your immune system, and improving how you feel overall.


There is no denying we live in a toxic world. Your body sends you early warning signals for help... brain fog, aches, pains, migraines, fatigue, sore eyes, itchy skin, allergies, mood swings, depression, bloating, and more – don’t just ignore them – Let us show you how to detox your way back to overall wellness!  


You’ll be amazed at how great you feel!

CALL 802-662-1682 to schedule or Click Book Now below to schedule online:



Active Your Stem Cells -- Naturally

Stem cells are the repair cells of your body. As we age our stem cells decline. The LESS Stem Cell activity you have – the FASTER you Age & the Slower You Heal. Now we have a way to activate our stem cells and reset them to a younger, healthier state, in a completely non-invasive, safe, & cost-effective way. Clinically proven to provide the body with a level of health & vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth, providing an abundance of health benefits.

How does it work?

Our cutting-edge phototherapy technology elevates the copper peptide GHK-Cu -- known as the HOLY GRAIL of ANTI-AGING. Once elevated it then activates your own stem cells, resetting them to a younger, healthier state.

What are the Benefits?

The result is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, improved skin appearance, increased energy and vitality, less inflammation, better mental clarity, deeper sleep, rapid pain relief, faster recovery, enhanced sports performance, + more.


Ready to try this miracle out for yourself -- Click Book Now to claim your 5-day Introductory Offer?

CALL 802-662-1682 to schedule or Click Book Now below to schedule online:




Elevate your wellness with a BioScan

Many people are looking for answers to questions about their health and wellness. Still more people aren’t sure what questions to even ask or where to start. 


Get individualized information to help you reach your wellness goals faster.


Along with helping you put together the pieces of your personal wellness puzzle, BioScan technology can help you keep that puzzle intact. 

Get insights into personal wellness

By collecting data directly from the body, a biocommunication scan can provide insights into your personal wellness that may have gone unnoticed previously.


There are core elements of personal wellness that are good to follow. At

the same time, however, everyone

is different and will therefore respond to a given supplement, food, or other external influence differently. From energy to weight management to longevity and more, a BioScan can assist you in whatever area of wellness you are looking to

improve in.

CALL 802-662-1682 to schedule or Click Book Now below to schedule online:

$ 20


Light & Sound Therapy

BrainTap is a powerfully effective mind development tool designed to help you overcome the ill effects of the fight-or-flight response while achieving physical, mental, and emotional balance.

5 powerful mind technologies come together to create a blending of light, sound and spoken word perfectly synchronized to relax, reboot, and strengthen busy brains. BrainTap produces the relaxation response, giving your body precisely what it needs to get back in balance and reverse the effect of stress on the body. Each session is embedded with exclusive brainwave training algorithms to deliver you remarkable stress-relief, self-improvement, and brain-enhancement in 20 easy minutes.

BrainTap sessions guide your mind to a state of laser-like focus so you can rid yourself of negative self-talk and achieve life goals!

CALL 802-662-1682 to schedule or Click Book Now below to schedule online:



Our fully customized, apothecary style treatments are designed to address your top concerns while improving skin's appearance and health.


We hand pick whole plant enzymes, acids and products to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and nourished. 


Specially curated for the wellness fair this mini facial includes a double cleanse, hand mixed hydrating mask, advanced massage, and finishing products.


To learn more about Krista and our services please visit our website at:




Gretchin Kelly has been reading Tarot for 10 years.


She’s passionate about using the cards and her intuition for growth, wellness, and guiding clients through life transitions.


She also teaches Tarot and Tarot journaling online and has many free resources to help you get started, at



Brandon Collins  Intuitive Medium

Whether it’s a message from a departed loved one or guidance from spirit guides, my role is to deliver understanding, healing, and love through those messages of souls on the other side.


Every session that I have is different. We all have different paths and purposes here in the physical world.


My responsibility is to help you acknowledge and work through those obstacles in order to embrace your truest self.

Please use my online scheduler to book your 20-minute session using the following BOOK NOW link:



I help facilitate well-being and a coming home to self. Assisting people to unlearn limiting beliefs and limited “Be-ing” through the practice of energy healing, Neurolinguistics, Conversational change, sound, meditation, and hypnotherapy techniques.


Certified Transformation Guide and a Master Usui Reiki practitioner. My private hair salon is also in the same location. I provide a safe space for individuals to decompress, relax and be themselves. Happy hair, healing hearts. ~LaLaneya


Choose from one of the following:

✨  Chair Reiki  ✨

✨  Aura Clearing  ✨  

✨  Intuitive Guidance  ✨  


To schedule contact:

LaLaneya O’Farrell 802-343-2252



Manual Lymph Drainage Massage 


Try a modality that optimizes immune function, detoxes the body, reduces inflammation, and relieves stress. MLD massage is a light touch therapy that has shown to have profound effects on the body.


Great for anyone who has swelling from an injury or surgery, people suffering from chronic illness such as Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia, and helping individuals who are detoxing from mold and/or chemical sensitivities just to name a few who can benefit.


Also incredible for preventing inflammatory disease and for those who have treated cancer.



ENJOY a 30-minute Guided Lesson on Zoom (usually 60 minutes and $70) and find out how slow gentle movements bring you to a greater understanding of yourself that can surprise and delight you.

Gillian, using the combined techniques of voice and your touch will guide you in small steps that will encourage you to find easier ways of doing movement, while calming your nervous system.


The Feldenkrais Method has been in the US since the 1970s and has trainers all around the world.





Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner



Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

If you or someone you love is needing support strengthening their immune system, reducing inflammation, healing from a head injury or stroke, reducing nerve and musculoskeletal pain, consider learning more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

* Powerful anti-inflammatory

* Antimicrobial/strengthens immune

* Supports recovery from post Covid19 infections

* Assists healing for people with Lyme

* Supports healing post-cancer treatments/post-radiation issues

* Increases brain oxygen levels - reduce brain fog/memory issues

CALL to schedule phone consultation with Dr. Suzy Harris to discuss your health history & if hyperbaric oxygen therapy could be a benefit to you.





Ritual Bath Co - based in Vermont and offering intuitively crafted, handmade bath salts. Formerly Radical Alchemy, we have recently redesigned our business identity and shop offerings. We are focusing on our most popular bath salt scents using quality ingredients and essential oils for a luxurious and relaxing experience.

We are offering a self-care wellness fair deal of buy two bath salts get one free. $14 per bag, pick up in South Burlington. Message us on Facebook to purchase -- Link Below!





Wildhearted, LLC is a little online shop offering nature-inspired self-care products, gifts as well as yoga, and postpartum doula services. ✨🤍🌿


CLICK HERE to SAVE 15% on all orders



Cabin Cozy Flax Packs: 

Established in 2016, Cabin Cozy Flax Packs is a small, family-run business, specializing in making organic heating/cooling packs. 

We choose to use strictly organic flax, herbs, and essential oils as a social responsibility to our planet and to uphold the highest level of health and safety standards. We currently offer three size heating/cooling packs made from cotton brushed flannel fabrics, organic brown flaxseed, essential oils, and organic herbs. Whether it’s used to help relieve physical pain or to stay warm on those cold winter nights, our goal is to offer an amazing product that customers love and enjoy.

CLICK HERE to save 15% OFF

Valid for in-person or online shopping!
Promo Code: SPRING21 

Pure Energy Apothecary Square.png

Pure Energy Apothecary: 

Williston, VT's own Pure Energy Apothecary is dedicated to you! Your skin deserves pure nourishment. Healthy skin is happy skin! Our powerful, premium quality, plant-based formulations are versatile and long-lasting. Everyone deserves real food for their skin! Pure Energy Apothecary is disrupting the skincare marketplace making sure that you won't compromise quality for the price. Say good-bye to regimen and hello to effective ingredients you can trust. • PETA Certifed • Female Founders • Small Batch, Handcrafted • Plant-Based, Non-Toxic Ingredients



5 Seasons Diet: 

Looking for Wellness Meals that help build your Immune System and keep you on a Healthy Track?  Purchase the 5 Seasons Meal Plans for April and receive May for free (a $137 value).


Food is medicine and the 5 Seasons Meal Plans provides you a month of weekly menus, prep & cook guides, shopping lists, and recipes – all designed to aid in reducing inflammation and increasing health and vitality.  We’ve got your back on breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks in a simple-to-implement done-for-you way! We are excited for you to experience the benefits of clean eating!  Simply go to to purchase!  

You MUST put Wellness Fair as the referral source or you will not receive May for free.  Please include your phone number.


Promo Code: Wellness Fair 


The Simmering Bone: 

Located in beautiful Vermont, The Simmering Bone supports the best of our small, local farms while bringing the highest quality bone broth to you and yours. We strive to utilize the power of food to provide access to health and nourishment and vow the highest of standards in both product and process. The concept is a broth-based company utilizing bones from grass-grazed animals that live as close to the way nature intended as possible and sourcing produce from 100% organic farms that value and practice ecological responsibility and sustainability. Our focus on extracting as much healing collagen as possible is what sets us apart here at The Simmering Bone


Our small batch broths are made with love in Montpelier, VT.

CLICK HERE to save 15% OFF 

Promo Code: WELLNESS21 

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 4.56.10 PM.png

​Gratitude for Wellness Thermography of VT & NY: 

SAVE $50 on a Thermography Scan

No Compression, No Radiation, PAINLESS, No Skin Contact, Safe, 

Affordable, FDA Registered

Thermography can detect the heat from unstable breast tissue 8-10 years prior to when a mammogram or ultrasound would locate a structure -- giving women a visual report card of their breast health and a chance to take proactive measures to increase the health of their breasts.

The first 8 people that make an appointment with us on or before March 19, 2021, will receive $50 off a breast, women's health, or full body scan.

Text or Call: 518-572-4037 to schedule your scan NOW!

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