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I recently read an article from author Zo Flamenbaum that resonated so completely with my beliefs. In her article she said: ‘True change doesn’t happen overnight anyway, so how did we as a society get locked into the Cinderella story of “New Year, New You?”

Creating goals is great but making empty promises that paralyze us in a “ready, set, fail” mindset does more harm than good. The only thing New Year’s resolutions seem to create is a cycle of guilt, shame and failure. What a miserable way to start a period that is meant to be “my year;” the focus is never on taking care of our own happiness, only repairing our perceived faults.

Last year I decided to shift the focus from the “New Year, New You” fairytale to one of Self-Love and Self-Care. And just like Zo, after swearing away New Year’s resolutions in the interest of evolving naturally daily I’ve achieved more than I ever thought I would, minus the guilt.

By releasing the building pressures of New Year’s resolutions and allowing myself the space, time, and presence of everyday actions, these small shifts have broken old patterns and replaced them with new, healthier ones - tangible micro goals to play with today, expelling the guilt and building a sustainable lifestyle.

This year I propose expanding on that theme with a new, collective conceptual backdrop: New Year — New Choices!

As TD Jakes said, “It is not the movement of the clock that produces the newness of life. It is the movement in your mind.”

At any given moment we can choose doubt, fear, or worry. We can choose to be prideful, angry, depressed, or even miserable. We can also choose to move forward. We can choose happiness. We can choose to make healthier choices, to be mindful of what we say and do.

Many of our outcomes are based on our choices. By focusing on making better decisions — one at a time — you’ll soon discover that the effort is worthwhile.

For 2019, let’s decide to release ourselves from expectations and the pressures of empty resolutions and begin to find a healthy life balance. In doing so we can all discover the enthusiasm and confidence to get a little closer to our goals every day.

The choice is always ours, and each choice can be a step forward on the path toward the life we desire for ourselves.

So here’s to a “New Year of New Choices” in 2019!

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