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We Live & Die at the Cellular Level.

Board certified family medicine doctor Robertson Ward, MD stated in a recent newsletter: “Healthy gut cells assimilate nutrients and minerals more efficiently than a gut riddled with dysbiosis. If they are half sick, and their REDOX potential is minimized, then assimilation of various nutrients will be reduced.

If we want to absorb and assimilate vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B12, Zinc and Selenium, we must attend to our CELLULAR needs in achieving a balanced REDOX potential.

Activating this potential is best accomplished with a regular intake of an outside resource of REDOX molecules orally, as well as organic whole food sourced vitamin and mineral supplements. Combined with a diet designed to optimize balanced gut micro-bacteria, one will create the conditions for vibrant health.”

THE DEFINITION OF REDOX POTENTIAL is characterized as the proper balance of internal tiny REDOX molecules, which provide a proper electrical cellular charge, chemical resources to potentiate chemical reactions, & messenger molecules for communications in and between cells.

At Be Intentionally Well we also believe that whole body wellness begins at the cellular level.

In order to achieve whole body wellness you must first start with restoring balance. We begin with restoring the gut microbiome, healing leaky gut, and restoring cellular communication and function throughout the body with our REDOX therapy. At the same time we focus on reducing the toxic load burdening the body and hindering healing. And we accomplish this through our Cellular Health Cold Laser Detox protocol.

If you do not work on restoring your REDOX potential first your body can not assimilate the benefits of other supplements and therapies as well as it needs to. So this protocol is a perfect starting point to your overall health and well-being. And it works hand-in-hand with all other therapies, allowing them to be more effective.

Our exclusive and highly proprietary Cellular Health Cold Laser Detox protocol combines multiple therapies, each of which works to:

🔥 Restore your REDOX potential

🔥 Restore your gut microbiome

🔥 Draw out toxins & heavy metals in the body in a different way

🔥 Speed up the detox process

🔥 Increase ATP (cellular energy)

🔥 Reduce oxidative stress & free radical damage

🔥 Assist the body in naturally healing itself

🔥 Restore overall balance -- physically, mentally, and emotionally

Why not start the new year off right with new choices -- schedule a Cellular Health Cold Laser Detox session today and learn how you can stay healthy all year long!

To schedule your appointment call 802-662-1682!

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