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Spring into Summer

It’s almost here! We’ve survived a long Covid winter, and summer is finally knocking at our door. As businesses and restaurants reopen, mask mandates are lifted, and more and more of us are fully vaccinated, we’re heading into a truly powerful season of regrowth. We’re all itching to get out, get back to a life well lived, and reunite with friends and loved ones. It’s set to be a jam-packed season.

Don’t you want to enjoy it to the fullest?

Summer always means our bodies are in for a roller coaster ride of toxins - be it from fried and processed foods during walks on the pier, excess sugar at the ice cream stand, or increased alcohol intake from barbecues. Not to mention stress from travelling and high pollen counts causing seasonal allergies. Our bodies are amazing, but they can only handle so much. We end up bloated, fatigued, and just not feeling our best. No one wants to spend this summer left on the side lines.

So how can you help your body thrive this summer? Why not try Cold Laser Detox?

Why Cold Laser Detox Works:

Detoxing clears the body of toxins and resets your system, so it can function more effectively. This is especially important for the digestive system, which processes the additives and chemicals found in our food, and takes on the extra salt, oil, and carbs in our summer diets. Our bodies are designed to remove contaminants on a regular basis, but sometimes they need a hand in taking out the trash.

A summer cleanse doesn’t need to revolve only around diet; there are other methods you can do to encourage the body to remove toxins. Cold Laser Detox is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to detox and reboot your body. Detoxing takes the pressure off our bodies, which carry around toxins from pesticides, chemicals, pollution and so much more, even before summer arrives. By lightening our load, our bodies can have so much more:

  • Clearer skin

  • Better sleep

  • Brighter mood

  • Long-lasting energy

  • Stronger immune system

  • Fewer aches and pains

  • Balanced hormones

  • Reduced bloating and water retention

  • Improved liver function

  • Easier weight loss

Summer is a social season. Practically every weekend is booked by the time July hits with parties, BBQs, vacations & holidays, so we created our Spring into Summer detox to fit into your schedule. Feel healthier, more energized, and ready for summer all in a 30-minute visit.

While one detox can work wonders it is not a quick fix. You must support your body regularly to achieve and maintain optimal health. That is why we are offering a Spring into Summer detox 10 pack to help you stay healthy all summer long.

Even though being mindful of our diets and staying active can help your body thrive, detoxing is an important part of ANY and EVERY lifestyle. After the stress of the pandemic, we could all use a hand in getting back to our BEST SELVES.

Get the most from your body this summer. Try a Spring into Summer Cold Laser Detox today!

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