Who We Are

DonnaLee Paul, CLDP
Cold Laser Detox™ Practitioner
Intuitive Wellness Consultant
Holistic Health Advocate

Lived Experience Wellness Educator
 I am a single mom…

 a grandma… an animal lover…
 an intuitive… 
a doer…

 a visionary… a lover of life. 


 Always. Enjoy the journey.

I am passionate about helping others...


Hi – I'm DonnaLee Paul and prior to founding Be Intentionally Well, I spent 25 years in Corporate America.  I worked with various industries focusing on advertising, marketing, medical education, and medical research. Although my career focus wasn't directed toward healthcare, I worked with stressed-out clients struggling to find their work/life balance. 


As long as I can remember I’ve questioned everything, with a burning desire to make things better. I worked long hours helping my clients find solutions, putting my life, my health second. 


It never ceases to amaze me how we can be so focused on our work, our business, our family, and other’s needs, that we actually forget about ourselves. Self-care seems to be a backburner item.


I watched my life slowly spiral out of control. I was diagnosed and misdiagnosed.  I was told I had several autoimmune disorders, one of which triggered a dormant genetic disorder, Lyme Disease, and several co-infections. After seeing one medical specialist after another, trying many different drugs to alleviate my symptoms, I was frustrated, and soon realized they could not help me. As a researcher, I started investigating a more holistic way of healing and became much more aware of how our environment and lifestyle can have a significant impact on how we feel each day. 


The pivotal point in my life, that changed everything for me, was when I was introduced to cellular health and healing. As Cellular Health expert Dr Pompa says; “to truly be well you must heal the cell.”  My passion and purpose were soon ignited as I began to regain my health –– my life!


I opened Be Intentionally Well realizing that my story could become a catalyst for helping others. I realized that my journey was not only about healing myself but in helping others heal as well and I’ve felt blessed and grateful ever since.


I’ve met people from all walks of life and recognize that we are all just that: families and individuals, adapting and adjusting to life’s challenges. As a busy working single mom, I understand the need to find balance and taking advantage of brief moments of peace. Most important though is practicing self-care.


Finding balance, while prioritizing health and happiness, is a journey I’d like to walk with you.

Laura Appelbaum
Senior Cold Laser Detox™ Technician
Office Manager 
Meet Laura Appelbaum...


Laura has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Marist College. She has many years of experience in customer service, wellness, sales, as well as a labor and postpartum doula certification. That's why we think she is the perfect addition to our team.


Laura has been training on and off since Be Intentionally Well first opened its doors in Essex Junction. Now that Laura is available full-time, we’re excited to offer more days and hours to accommodate our amazing clients. 


Laura is wellness-minded, people-focused, and excited to begin this new chapter. We know you will just love her warm and caring personality.


She has two sons and enjoys yoga, hiking, photography, music, and reading.

Henri Blouin
Cold Laser Detox™ Technician
Assistant Office Manager 

Meet Henri Blouin...


the newest member of Be Intentionally Well!

Henri is a graduate of SUNY Purchase College and is excited to be joining the

Be Intentionally Well Team. Henri came to the field of holistic health care after struggling for years with chronic illness, including a lifelong battle with Lyme Disease. After working in the theater industry, they've pursued their passion for wellness.


Their knowledge of alternative therapies and herbal medicine is well-rounded, and they love finding common ground with clients through shared experience. Henri was a client at Be Intentionally Well over a year before joining our team, so she knows how successful our process can be. 


Henri enjoys hiking, yoga, cooking, and playing with her cat, Alma.