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  • Is COLD LASER DETOX right for me?
    Cold Laser Detox is great for everyone. Whether you have a chronic illness and feel you’ve plateaued in your care or if you’re looking to support your everyday well being, Cold Laser Detox is a safe and effective way to get well and stay well. Our lasers work on a low level, just enough to stimulate your cells but not enough to harm your skin, so you won’t feel a thing. You may feel your body reacting to the laser, but this is just your cells thanking you for detoxing! There are NO side effects to CLD, and it’s completely safe to do in tandem with other therapies like acupuncture, physical therapy, nutrition coaching and more. Cold Laser Detox can benefit anyone and everyone.
  • I don’t have a chronic illness, do I still need to detox?
    Yes! Detoxing helps to prevent illness before it starts. We’re all exposed to toxins every day, no matter how much we try to avoid them. Cold Laser Detox is a foundational part of wellness. It’s always better to prevent illness before it starts, not only to save your body from distress but also to save you from paying expensive medical bills later!
  • How often should I detox?
    Every body detoxes differently. For some, results will be immediate. For others, your body may need support before we can reach the deepest levels of dysfunction. We recommend at least 10 detox sessions to address every system of the body. As you detox, we’ll adjust our protocol based on your most pressing symptoms, your health history, and what we see in your ionic foot bath. We offer packages to reduce the cost of each session, and keep you on track to total body health.
  • What should I expect to feel?
    Our clients report feeling lighter, having more energy, and decreased pain within their initial detox sessions. With regular detoxing, you can see stronger immune function, lowered inflammation, and improved organ function.
  • What should I wear?
    Please wear a thin cotton t-shirt to your appointment if possible, or removable layers. While our lasers can penetrate clothing, you’ll see the greatest benefit when the closer the laser is to your skin.
  • Where are you located?
    Our office is in the BlueWater Center building on Pine Haven Shores Road on the second floor in suite 2159. This is a temporary location while our permanent space, Suite 2018, is being designed to give you an even better wellness experience. Give us a call if you need help finding our office. How to find us: From Route 7 (Shelburne Road) Turn onto Pine Haven Shores Road Go down the road -- our building is on the left -- BlueWater Center We are located inside the BlueWater Center There is ample parking in front or along the side and you can enter into the main lobby in the front Continue down the hallway and take the stairs At the top of the stairs turn left Follow the blue "Be Intentionally Well" arrows Continue down the hall till you get to suite 2159 Our office is on the right - Suite 2159
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