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Did you know that gratitude can actually rewire your brain?

It’s one of the easiest ways to boost dopamine, serotonin, and other feel-good chemicals. But the thing is, gratitude isn’t just about being grateful for the good times. It’s being grateful all the time. Even when things feel really, really hard. By practicing gratitude no matter the season, no matter what you’re going through… you can create new neural connections in your brain. As a result, you become more resilient, more present, and more intentional.

For WEEK ONE, we invite you to check out BRAINTAP. Starting 11/18 to 11/30 enjoy a FREE BrainTap session during your Cold Laser Detox. You can choose from four guided visualizations to harness the power of gratitude:k

  • Step into the Spotlight of Your Life (Optimal Health Bundle) – What if you could be the producer, writer, director, and all the actors in the movie of your life? This session will help you appreciate everything you have in life.

  • Opening the Heart to Family and Friends (Stress-Free Me Bundle) – In this session, you will learn to accept gestures of genuine love and concern, opening your heart to receive from those around you.

  • Power Phrases for Powerful Actions (Stress-Free Me Bundle) - Discover how affirmative words and phrases can create a powerful mental image of a healthy, wealthy, and vibrant new you.

  • Allowing a Life of Health and Abundance (Stress-Free Me Bundle) – You will be guided through the garden in your mind where you will learn new and creative ways to live your life as you are now, without the need for stress.

Be sure to ask for your FREE BrainTap session!



10 Cold Laser Detox Sessions for only $880 SAVE over $400 ($1,300 value)

Limited Offer – Available for purchase from

11/24 to 11/27 ONLY!

Limit one package per person – Sessions must be used before 1/31/25



While the holiday season may be a time for joy it can also be stressful. We invite you to come in for a Destress Detox and Bring-a-Friend for FREE. Everything is better with friends!! Cold laser Detox helps your body remove toxins, repair faster, reset your nervous system, and keep you feeling your best. Boost your immune system and get your body winter ready with Cold Laser Detox.

Please call 802-662-1682 to schedule!​

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