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Intuitive Guidance


A Little About Me

Lived experience can be the greatest teacher. In my own struggle with chronic illness, I sought care from specialist after specialist, always seeming to reach a dead end. I needed a holistic perspective, someone who would see my body as a whole, and understand how my symptoms were connected. 


I soon realized that I knew my body best, and I could be my own healer. I learned that my intuition was an invaluable tool that I could use to gain deeper understanding into my health.


Now, I would like to share this gift with you.



Lived Experience
Wellness Coach
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Why I Became a Coach


Prior to founding Be Intentionally Well, I spent 30 years in Corporate America.  I worked with various industries focusing on medical education,

and medical research, advertising, and marketing.  I worked long hours helping my clients find solutions, putting my life, my health, second.

It never ceases to amaze me how we can be so focused on our work, our business, our family, and other’s needs, that we actually forget

about ourselves. Self-care always seems to become a back-burner item.


As a result, I watched my life slowly spiral out of control. I was diagnosed (and misdiagnosed) with several autoimmune disorders

(one of which triggered a dormant genetic disorder), Lyme Disease, and several co-infections. After seeing one specialist after another, trying different treatments, medications, supplements to alleviate my symptoms I was frustrated, and soon realized they could not help me. The lack of empathy, medical gas-lighting, and inability to help left me feeling hopeless. As a researcher, I started investigating a more holistic way of healing and became much more aware of how our environment and the lifestyle we lead can have a significant impact on how we feel each day. 


The pivotal point in my life, that changed everything for me, was when I was introduced to cellular health and healing and the phrase “to truly be well you must heal the cell.”  My passion and purpose were soon ignited as I began to regain my health –– my life!


I opened Be Intentionally Well realizing that my story could become a catalyst for helping others. My journey was not only about healing

myself but, in helping others heal as well.  I’ve met people from all walks of life and recognize that we are all just that: families and

individuals, adapting and adjusting to life’s challenges. As a busy working single mom and grandma, I understand the importance in finding balance and being able to take advantage of brief moments of peace though practicing self-care.


Finding balance, while prioritizing health and happiness, is a journey I’d like to walk with you.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with
your health issues?

Are you seeking clarity in your care?

Do you need an advocate to help you
see the bigger picture?

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Intuitive Guidance is solution-focused, root-cause centered care. My goal is to educate you on the deeper connections within your body to better understand what your body is trying to tell you. I offer personalized support and intuitive guidance to point you in the right direction towards true wellbeing. Through Intuitive Wellness Guidance Consultations and Coaching, we can tune into your body’s priorities and discover the root cause of your health issues.

Together, we can create a plan that works best for you, and get you back to life.


Intuitive Guidance is...

Work With Me


Initial Guidance Session

During this initial session we will review your health history and current treatment plan, as well as provide a supportive space for you to be heard, acknowledged, and understood. We'll focus on identifying your body's top priorities through intuitive energy testing.

Together, we will create a plan that works best for you.
Your journey to a healthier you begins here.

one hour – $250

Coaching Package

Healing happens at your pace, individual to your journey. I tune into what your body needs now and choose each step carefully. We will focus on streamlining your supplement / treatment plans according to your body's needs. I'll show you how to shift your focus towards resilience and empowerment, strengthening your confidence in your body's ability to heal,  while showing you how to trust your intuition. 
Continue your journey to a healthier you.

4 one hour sessions – $750

Some Kind Words

Success Stories


Certified Massage Therapist • Manual Lymphatic Drainage • Reiki Master
Owner Soul Vibration Wellness

         I went to DonnaLee after having mystery symptoms for 2 years. No doctor seemed able to help me. Twenty minutes in to a consultation with DonnaLee and she helped me figure out what might be wrong with me, gave me a protocol and in 2 weeks all my symptoms resolved.


It was seemingly miraculous but what it was was lived experience. DonnaLee understands what

many doctors overlook: retroviruses, Lyme disease complications and under the radar issues that

often cause chronic pain and illness.

She is the ultimate detective and is devoted to learning about the latest medical research which keeps

her up to date on new alternative therapies that work! 

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