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Your path to 


Tired of living with pain, stress, and anxiety?
Now more than ever, people are realizing the importance of taking responsibility for their own health, becoming more proactive in their quest to overcome challenges, staying healthy, and slowing down the aging process.

True Wellness Begins Here

Am I Toxic?

There’s no denying we live in a toxic world. Daily exposures are unavoidable and are outpacing our ability to effectively eliminate them. As excess toxins accumulate in our cells, we experience “toxic congestion” leading to downstream health effects. Protecting your body from these threats is the key to life-long health.


Why detox?


What is Cold Laser Detox?

 true wellness

Cold Laser Detox™ is a unique combination of three natural healing modalities:  ENERGY – FREQUENCY – LIGHT

a powerful trifecta.  These ancient healing forms have been

used safely and effectively for centuries.  


With our proprietary technology and innovative protocols, we have created a targeted approach that works together to balance and recharge the body’s self-healing function.


Improve your health at the cellular level with the support of Cold Laser Detox. You'll be amazed at how great you feel!

How TOXIC am I ?
HOW TOXIC ipad.png

Experience the Difference

Our great results are achieved through the focused care and compassion we provide every client.

We offer a whole body, multi-therapy approach to overall wellness.


Cold Laser Detox


Whether you are looking to be proactive about your health & staying healthy or suffer from any chronic illness, Cold Laser Detox is FOUNDATIONAL to your wellness. 


Intuitive Consultation


Personalized support and intuitive guidance to point you in the right direction towards true wellbeing. Tune into your body’s priorities to discover the root cause of your health issues.





BrainTap uses unique frequencies

of light and sound to reverse

the effects of stress on the body,

so you can think better, sleep better, and perform better.


Feeling overwhelmed with your health issues?  


For so many of us dealing with chronic illness and pain there is often very little real help.  At Be Intentionally Well we understand because we have been there.  Our stories and those of our clients prove that the body can heal itself when we create the right conditions for it.  By removing toxins and repairing cells, we can undo dysfunction and address chronic illness at its source.  It's time to take back control of your health.

Your path to true wellness begins here!

Some Kind Words

Success Stories



         Anyone facing chronic illness will know… it is a constant & continual navigation through different doctors, (some who believe you, some who don’t), different treatments, (some that work, & most that don't) all while often enduring horrific symptoms, lack of answers (or worse... wrong answers!), it can be a lonely, challenging way to live. Anyone who understands or is familiar with what I am saying… will also understand how important it is when I say that for me, the treatments at "Be Intentionally Well" are the first (and only) treatments that I have ever felt any improvement from…. and that is after years and years of acupuncture, antibiotics, herbs, dietary changes prescription drugs, massage, energy work, and PT/craniosacral work. Now, everyone is different, and every one's sources of healing and success in treatment are different…but for me… even after just a month of treatments…Be Intentionally Well has offered the most evidence of change and healing for me already. But its so much more than that…the staff are knowledgeable, experienced and beyond caring… they offer not just treatment, but guidance, and support. For the first time, in a decades battle with Lyme disease, I actually feel that I am in the right hands, and am finally on a course of treatment that will get me to the goal of Wellness and Health.  



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