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The Beauty of Letting Go

Here we are in October - the leaves are golden, the nights are cool, and the daylight hours are waning. Our natural instincts are kicking in - winter is on its way, a time for retreat, rest, and restoration. But before the snow arrives, we’re blessed with this season of harvest, a time of taking stock and readying for what’s to come. It’s the perfect time to patch that roof, chop the firewood, freeze the last of those garden veggies, and, of course, to let go.

While we may initially think of fall as a time of death and decay, it’s also a season of renewal. Trees will soon be shedding their leaves that are no longer of use, to make space for new growth in spring. We are starting the cycle over again, transforming into what will serve us best in the next season of life. Autumn is about to show us how beautiful it is to let things go. It’s the perfect moment to reassess our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing before we hunker down and turn inward. This is a chance to take nature’s cue and release what we don’t need, to offer ourselves the most beneficial winter and create space for new opportunities when warmer days arrive.

Our bodies are always letting go of what we don’t need, but in our modern world of high-stress lifestyles, over-processed diets, and constant chemical exposure, that natural process can slow down and seriously inhibit our wellbeing. We experience this same pattern in our homes - we continually acquire stuff, and what we don’t really need gets shoved under the bed, in a cupboard or closet, until one day all that clutter becomes unmanageable. Just as in our homes, toxins get trapped in our liver, kidneys, fatty tissues, and behind biofilms, clogging these main detox pathways. Reopening those pathways and removing congestion can majorly improve organ function and reduce inflammation across the body.

This process of letting go can be complex and layered and doesn’t happen overnight. The transition from summer to fall can often feel like the blink of an eye, but when we look more closely, nature moves slowly, tirelessly preparing until everything is just right. Letting go is not just releasing the physical aspects, but also the mental and emotional. Just like those toxins, our bodies struggle to let go of emotions that can also get trapped in our organs – grief often hides in the lungs, anger and frustration get stuck in the liver, and fear settles in the kidneys. It’s common to feel emotions bubble up suddenly when going through this internal turn-over ­– facing them once and for all allows us to truly move forward. Letting go of trapped emotions can be beneficial across the mind and body, providing relief to the nervous system and improving organ function in subtle but critical ways.

Cleansing in fall not only allows us to let go, but to shift our energy into what matters most. Letting go of what we don’t need allows us to focus on what we do. For the body, that means strengthening the immune system. As cold and flu season arrives, your immune system takes top priority. Toxins trapped in our deep tissues inhibit immune function through long term inflammation and leaves us vulnerable for incoming viruses. Cleaning out toxins is especially important in this transitional season to ensure we’re at our strongest for the colder days ahead.

Here’s a few great ways to let go this fall:

● Help your body flush out the old by increasing your fluids. Hot tea and brothy soup not only build heat in your core, but help to move toxins out naturally.

● Cultivate your nest. What can you do to make your home feel the most comfortable and inviting for the coming months you’ll spend inside? This might mean rearranging your furniture to create new flow, finally tackling that overflowing closet, or getting rid of belongings that are clogging up your space.

● Take some time to clear out the “emotional” clutter as well. Ask yourself - what’s not serving you? What patterns, thoughts or behaviors do you want to leave behind? What mindset can you embrace to give yourself a restful and restorative winter?

● Clearing out the body is the most important way to prepare for the colder days ahead. Cold Laser Detox improves circulation, reduces joint stiffness, boosts immunity, increases cellular energy, and cleans out toxins to ensure your body is winter-ready.

It’s the perfect time to clean house, in body, mind and spirit. Letting go is never easy, but it's a vital part of staying well. This fall, give yourself the gift of letting go.

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