Cellular Health Cold Laser Detox

Benefits of
Cold Laser Therapy


Strengthens the Immune System

Increases Cellular ATP Production

Speeds Healing & Recovery

[up to 50%]


Regenerates Body Tissues

[nerve, organ, muscle]

Releases Myofascial Restriction

Restores Muscle Strength

Decreases Edema & Inflammation

Promotes Repair

Controls Pain [natural analgesic]

Stimulates Production of Endorphins

Stimulates Nerve Function/Response

Inhibits Acne Causing Bacteria

Naturally Stimulates Collagen

Increases Range of Motion

What is Cold Laser Detox?


Cellular Health Cold Laser Detox™ is a neurotoxin release protocol that works on a cellular level in the body. It is a painless, non-prescription approach to addressing chronic pain, chronic illness, and promoting healing. 


At Be Intentionally Well we believe in regaining and obtaining optimal health by addressing the root cause of our clients' ailments.


Our passion is helping our clients discover a natural, safe, progressive, affordable, and non-invasive path to health and vitality. We use a whole body, multi-therapy approach to wellness, ridding your body of toxins, strengthening your immune system, and improving how you feel.  We call it Cellular Health Cold Laser Detox.™


Our exclusive and highly proprietary protocol combines Cold Laser therapy  (low-level laser light therapy), Ion Therapy  (Ionic Cellular Cleanse Detox hand/foot bath), Redox therapy, and Homeopathic Frequency therapy. Each of these therapies works to draw out the toxins in the body in a different way, speeding up the detox, and assisting the body to naturally heal itself.



      removing heavy metals/chemical toxicity       

      reducing toxins at the source

      balancing emotions / subconscious mind

      stopping oxidative stress – neutralizing free radicals

      balancing viral / bacterial / fungal components

      resetting the central nervous system

      resetting thyroid function

      alkalizing the body




Acne, Psoriasis
Ankle Strain/Sprain
Auto-Immune Disorders

Joint/Muscle/Back Pain
Brain Injury
Breast Disease
Calcaneal Spurs
Carpal Tunnel 
Dental Pain
Deep Wounds

Diabetic Ulcers

Intervertebral Disk





and many more conditions!


Lyme Disease
Muscle Cramps
Post Traumatic Pain
Shoulder Pain
Skin Abrasions
Skin Ulcers
Stomach Pain
Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow
Varicose Veins

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

There are areas of the body that have a direct and specific effect on organs when stimulation provided by the laser is applied. The Cold Laser, therefore, can be used to stimulate detox, immune function, reduce inflammation, promote healing and improve function in almost every aspect of the body. These non-invasive lasers have the ability to significantly accelerate and enhance the body’s natural defense and repair components to increase your health potential. 


Cold lasers deliver the required energy directly to the cells which enhances their ability to produce ATP (adenosine-tri-phosphate) – which is necessary for optimal function, cell repair and regeneration, healing, weight loss, and endorphin production, which are the body’s natural painkillers. 


Each cell of your body has light sensors called photoreceptors that absorb light rays called photons. These photons stimulate energy that the cells use to support a healthy body. By interacting with the mitochondria of the cell they capture, direct, and transform photon energy into chemical energy used to regulate cellular activity. This activity includes enhanced ATP synthesis (Krebs Cycle), protein synthesis, cellular proliferation, and growth factor secretion. The cell is provided with more energy to play its part in the natural healing process.


Cold Laser Therapy is a profound, safe, noninvasive way to ‘enlighten’ your cells.


How Does Ion Therapy Work? 

Electrical current passes through a set of plates in a module that is immersed in the water inside the foot bath. The foot bath water contains a special sea salt, so it has the mineral concentration of water from the ocean. While the client's feet are in the water, positive and negative ions are emitted by the foot bath system. This re-energizes the body and the red blood cells. It eliminates toxins that are stored in fat, kidneys, liver, bowels, and skin. The foot bath also triggers the body's lymphatic system, which helps with continuing detoxification for up to 24 to 48 hours after a session. 


In short, detoxification plays an important part in helping people get better and stay better! And our exclusive Cellular Health Detox [Cold Laser Detox] is one of the most effective detox protocols there is.  


What are the Benefits of Cellular Health Detox? 

👍 Purging of heavy metals

👍 A more balanced pH level

👍 Reducing inflammation

👍 Reducing pain 

👍 Purging of yeast        

👍 Detoxifying the liver & other cleansing organs

👍 Enhancing the immune system 

👍 Internal cleansing with full-body purge

👍 Liver, kidney, and parasite cleansing

👍 and so much more!

The more times you said yes, the more toxic your body is likely to be. Your body is working overtime trying to eliminate these harmful toxins.  As the body continues to accumulate toxins, the toxins begin to get circulated deeper into the body, causing further congestion and complications.  The energy the body normally uses for healing and growth gets redirected, trying to neutralize the toxins.


Toxins in our body weaken our immune system and damage the nervous system which leads to illness, chronic disease, and premature aging. After years of exposure and ingestion of these toxic substances, our body becomes less efficient in eliminating toxins. We must have the means to eliminate the deadly toxins, viruses, and heavy metals we come in contact with on a daily basis to lessen our body's burden.​

Am I Toxic?

Most likely. According to the EWG, over 80,000 chemicals are being used daily in the United States. A recent study tested the blood and urine of adult volunteers from five different states, their tests uncovered an average of 171 pollutants (toxins) and 56 carcinogens in each of the volunteers.


According to the newest government report, all diseases including cancer, Lyme, and most other disease conditions are linked to environmental factors.


Any illness can be caused by, contributed to, or exaggerated by neurotoxins. Fatigue, depression, insomnia, joint pain, headaches, memory loss, and blunting of the senses are common early symptoms.




The following are some environments and conditions that may indicate high toxicity levels:
     ❑ Low energy 
     ❑ Dry skin 
     ❑ Smoking 
     ❑ Heartburn 
     ❑ Flying 
     ❑ Tire easily 
     ❑ Excessive hair loss 
     ❑ Cancer 
     ❑ Stress 
     ❑ Drink lots of soda drinks 
     ❑ Worry all the time 
     ❑ Have difficulty concentrating 
     ❑ Wear dry-cleaned clothing 
     ❑ Drive through heavy traffic 

❑ Live in a renovated or new home

❑ Sensitive to chemical odors

❑ Slow to recover when you are sick

❑ Drink alcohol, coffee or tea regularly

❑ Are overweight or underweight

❑ Live near a major road, highway or in a city

❑ Suffer from depression, confusion, or forgetfulness

❑ Suffer from headaches, migraines, and sore muscles

❑ Suffer from premenstrual symptoms, breast or uterine cysts

❑ Suffer from insomnia, waking in the night, or disturbed sleep

❑ Use bleach, detergents, household cleaners, and disinfectants

❑ Have difficulty digesting food? (Gas, Constipation, Indigestion)

❑ Are you often irritable, impatient, tense or agitated​​

What to Expect?

At Be Intentionally Well we strive to create a calm, relaxing environment where we focus on restoring balance to your cleansing organs and nervous system while releasing toxins. There is no heat involved and you will have no sensation of the laser itself. There may be a calming or relaxing effect and you may feel the changes in circulation or pain reduction over injured areas. You do not need to disrobe for this treatment. Our lasers are effective through clothing and bandages. 


If you haven’t been taking the best care of yourself our exclusive Cellular Health Cold Laser Detox™ can help set things right again. It is one of the most effective ways of you get better & stay better.


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