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Cold Laser Detox


What  is Cold Laser Detox? 

COLD LASER DETOX is a full-body detoxification system that leverages a unique combination of three natural healing modalities –

Energy, Frequency, and Light – a powerful trifecta.  

Alone, each of these powerful therapies have been used by wellness professionals for centuries.


Our proprietary technology combines Ion Chi Cleanse, Homeopathic Frequency, and Cold Laser (LLLT) to create a unique system that works on the cellular level in the body. Paired with our innovative protocols we’ve developed targeted solutions that balance and recharge the body’s self-healing function. Together this process removes toxins from your body, stimulates ATP production, and promotes overall cellular repair.


Cold Laser Detox is a whole body, multi-therapy approach to wellness, ridding your body of toxins at the source, strengthening your immune system, and improving how you feel overall. So whether you are looking to be proactive about your health and slowing down the aging the process, or suffer from any chronic illness – COLD LASER DETOX is  foundational to your wellness.

What is Cold Laser Detox?




Why Detox?

Cold Laser Detox is foundational to your Cellular Health. Your cells make up every part of your body – you have trillions of them! When your cells function at their best, your body can heal itself. Unfortunately due to high toxicity, your cellular health is degrading faster than ever. 


The world we live in today is filled with toxins, most of which our bodies were not designed to process on our own. What we can’t get rid of builds up over pathways, damages our cellular membranes, deregulates neurotransmitter absorption, and immune function. As toxins accumulate, your body becomes overwhelmed, and major processes begin to shut down.


At Be Intentionally Well we believe in obtaining and maintaining optimal health by addressing the root cause of our clients' ailments. Rather than addressing individual symptoms and offering a temporary fix, we believe it’s vital to address the root cause of dysfunction to achieve true healing. While there is no one singular cause of disease,
we know toxicity plays a major, and often neglected, role in our health. Most disease starts with chronic inflammation, and most inflammation starts with toxic overload.


Think of your body like a car. You have to change the oil regularly to keep your car running smoothly. Just like that oil in your car, your body needs a regular deep cleaning to work at its best. You wouldn’t skip an oil change, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your body? Routine detoxing is a fantastic way to boost immune function, slow aging, improve your energy, reduce pain, and help you heal up to 50% faster. 

Why Detox?

Benefits to Detoxing

Cold Laser Detox™ increases Cellular ATP Production, which creates a positive chain reaction of benefits: 

  • Strengthens and Modulates Immune System 

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Controls Pain (natural analgesic)

  • Lowers Heavy Metal and Chemical Toxicity 

  • Speeds Healing & Recovery 

  • Increases Cellular ATP Production

  • Improves Energy and Focus

  • Stimulates Nerve Function/Response

  • Balances Emotions and Improves Mood

  • Improves Cellular Regeneration  

  • Enhances Lymphatic Drainage

  • Promotes Tissue Repair (nerve, organ, muscle)

  • Increases Range of Motion

  • Improves Circulation and Heart Health

  • Improves Protein Synthesis and Cellular Regeneration

  • Naturally Stimulates Collagen Production and Skin Repair

  • Accelerates Bone Repair 

  • Stimulates Long Term Production of Nitric Oxide

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What Are Toxins?

We encounter an enormous amount of toxins in our every day lives - from the food we eat to the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the ground we stand on. Toxins are everywhere. Unfortunately, while there are some toxins we can remove from our lives by improving daily habits, there are far too many we can’t avoid. And that’s where Cold Laser Detox comes in.


According to the EPA, “a toxic substance means any chemical or mixture that may be harmful to the environment and to human health.” Toxins are stored in our liver, body fat, lymphatic system, joints, muscles, gut, brain, and other parts of the body. As we’re exposed to an increasing number of toxins daily, the question is not “do I have toxins”, but instead “how toxic am I?

Heavy metals pose one of the greatest threats to our well being. We accumulate metals from things like cosmetics, cookware and air pollutants, and we cannot get rid of them on our own. These metals clog our livers, increase inflammation, reduce brain function, and prevent us from being well. 

As a powerful neurotoxin, heavy metals inflame the nervous system, confuse your immune system, and provide a feast for bacterial and viral infections. Depression, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, and memory loss are all symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Hard to avoid and even harder for your body to eliminate on its own, heavy metals often sit deep within our tissues, oxidizing over time and aging your body faster. Cold Laser Detox gently and effectively removes heavy metals from your body and releases neurotoxins to speed up your healing process. 


High toxin loads manifest as increased inflammation, lowered immune function, pain and weight gain, as well as total systemic dysfunction across the body. Everything in your body is connected, and when dysfunction starts in one system, it quickly spreads to create dis-ease in multiple parts of the body. Overtime, this chronic dysfunction leads to chronic illness.


By reducing your toxin burden, you’ll feel lighter, have more energy, and over time, you’ll see restored systemic function. Detoxing from what we can’t avoid is a regular part of a healthy lifestyle, and a foundational piece of total body wellness.

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 9.40.44 AM.png


Chronic inflammation can result from the following:

  • Exposure to toxins like heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides

  • Microbes that hide from the immune system within deep tissues, such as bacteria, protozoans, fungi, viruses and parasites

  • The immune system attacking healthy tissues as a result of an autoimmune disorder

  • Recurring acute inflammation from injury

  • Internal inflammatory factors from oxidative stress, cytokine overproduction, and mitochondrial dysfunction

The most common factor in much of chronic disease is inflammation. As a natural part of your body’s defense, inflammation is a sign that your immune system is turned on and your body is under attack. When tissues become inflamed, we experience discomfort, pain and loss of function. However, remaining in this state of “attack” is where the real threat to your health lies. Normally, your immune system would sense the threat, eliminate it, and inflammation would subside. But when your immune system is compromised by long term toxin exposure or infection, inflammation can run rampant. Toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, and chemical exposures can cause inflammation, as well as microbes like parasites, protozoans, fungi, bacteria and viruses, all of which create an internal threat that your immune system cannot eliminate on its own.

Long term, inflammation reduces cell function and creates congestion in major organs and systems of the body. As processes start to break down, your body doesn’t slow the production of inflammation, creating a backlog of tasks for your immune system. The energy meant for healing and restoring function to these major organs and systems is used instead to put out these “fires” of inflammation, and your body gets stuck in a vicious cycle of chronic dysfunction. 


The body simply cannot maintain health or heal itself until this cycle is broken.  The healing energy normally used for maintaining balance gets redirected to put out “fires” in the body.  This imbalance can result in premature aging in adults or slowed growth in children, or worse, it can result in the onset of chronic illness, as illustrated in the graphic below:







Over time, chronic inflammation damages the DNA within healthy cells and can “turn on” conditions hidden in your genetic makeup, leading to mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, hormonal and methylation dysfunction, neuro-inflammation, reduced cellular function, cytokine storms, mast cell disorders and auto-immune disease. The path out of chronic illness is eliminating the source of your chronic inflammation, and breaking the cycle. 

Healing this vicious cycle comes two-fold: We must reduce the inflammation you already have, while also removing inflammatory factors and modulating the immune system to prevent further inflammation from forming. Cold Laser Detox provides an individualized, whole-body approach to tackle the root of dysfunction and address the many layers of long term inflammation.

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