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Energy - Frequency - Light


You Matter

Cold Laser Detox is a full-body detoxification system that leverages a unique combination of three natural healing modalities – Energy, Frequency, and Light – a powerful trifecta.  Alone, each of these powerful therapies have been used by wellness professionals for generations.  Our proprietary technology combines Ion Chi Cleanse, Homeopathic Frequency, and Cold Laser to create a unique system that works on the cellular level in the body.


Paired with our innovative protocols we’ve created targeted therapies that work together to balance and recharge the body’s self-healing function. Together this process removes toxins from your body, stimulates ATP production, and promotes overall cellular repair.


Why Energy?

There’s no question that our bodies need energy to function. Chinese medicine has recognized the importance of healthy energy flow in the form of “Chi” for centuries. When chi flows freely through the body, our vitality is strengthened. Our bodies can focus on detoxification, repair and optimal function. When chi becomes stagnant or stuck, we see illness and toxins build up. By restoring energy flow, we can restore balance to the body. We achieve this process with our Ion Chi Cleanse.

Ion Chi Cleanse uses an ionic current to stimulate the natural detoxification process within your body and pull out oppositely charged toxins through the over 4000 pores in your feet. This allows the body to release heavy metals, chemicals, carcinogens, parasitic debris, and other toxic elements more efficiently.


Removing these toxins allows your body to reduce inflammation, rebalance energetic flow and restore your natural healing functions.


Why Frequency?

Though we can’t feel it, our bodies are constantly giving off frequency. The electricity within your cells has a distinct, signature frequency that weakens when the cell is under stress and strengthens when the cell has returned to balance. Your cells communicate to each other through these frequencies, passing information through vibration. Non-resonant frequencies - think fluorescent lighting, abrupt sounds, or electronic pollution - can alter our own natural frequencies, and disrupt contact with other cells.

In order to heal the body, we have to speak its language. To restore function to the body, we need to restore frequencies that have become corrupted. That’s why we use homeopathic frequency therapy as part of Cold Laser Detox, to relay information to your cells and restore communication non-invasively, all through the power of touch.

At the core of homeopathy is the idea that “like cures like”. Each of our frequency smart cards are charged with a specific frequency to match the system, organ or pathogen we want your body to focus on during your Cold Laser Detox session. Through contact with the skin, the frequency within each card relays information to your cells, rebalancing the frequency of that area of the body and restoring communication. 


Why Light?

Light is essential to life. We feel more energized during the summer months when sunlight is abundant, and less so in the winter when sunlight is hard to come by. While lack of light is known to cause disease, proper light stimulation can create profound healing. 

Every cell in your body contains photoreceptors and photosensitive proteins, which turn light into chemical energy, also called ATP. When targeted laser light is applied to your cells and ATP production increases, your cells can do more - release more excess waste, repair faster, and return to normal function. 

Low Level Lasers have been used by physicians for decades as an anti-inflammatory.  Our laser protocols are designed with precise wavelengths, strengths, and forms of light to increase cellular ATP through a process called photobiomodulation. This combination of light stimulates your cells to regenerate and repair, modulates the immune system, increases endorphin release and boost serotonin production. We use reflexology points to address specific organs, systems and tissues with non-invasive laser light. LLLT is painless, giving your cells the light they need without causing additional stress or damage.


Our Cold Lasers were designed to stimulate detox, immune function, reduce inflammation, promote healing, and improve function in almost every aspect of the body. These non-invasive lasers have the ability to significantly accelerate and enhance the body’s natural defense and repair components to increase your health potential. 

Finding foundational wellness means going back to the basics. Each of these modalities is derived from the core functions of the cell itself, utilizing fundamental forces of nature to speak the body’s language. When we increase energy flow, restore communication from cell to cell, and stimulate cell growth, we can see profound healing across the many systems of the body.


Alone, energy, frequency and light provide powerful reparative properties, but together, they offer unparalleled benefits for cellular health. It's this powerful trifecta that allows our clients to achieve profound results with Cold Laser Detox.

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