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Redox Therapy


What is REDOX?

Every cell in your body holds a mitochondria - the center for all cellular energy production. Mitochondrial function is a vital part of cellular health, the foundation for every action and reaction. But with stress, infection from microbes and toxin exposure, mitochondrial function can break down, slowing metabolic processes across the body. Supporting mitochondrial function is essential to healing the body as a whole.


While the mitochondria is home to the Krebs cycle - the metabolic process that converts glucose into usable cellular energy (also called ATP) -  it’s not the only reaction that occurs there. Additional reactions also take place within the mitochondria, including the production of REDOX signaling molecules, your body’s life force.


The term “REDOX” originates from the combination of reduction and oxidation - the addition and subtraction of electrons between atoms used within various cellular metabolic processes. REDOX signaling molecules (or RSM) direct your cells to increase or decrease reduction or oxidation, speeding or slowing these molecular processes and allowing your cells to respond accordingly to their environment and the internal conditions of the body. REDOX molecules are essential for cell to cell communication and cellular activation - alerting of cell die off, kickstarting cell regeneration and repair, promoting the disposal of cellular waste, and regulating what can enter and exit through the cellular membrane.


The elimination of dead or senescent cells is one of the most important roles REDOX signaling molecules hold. Naturally, when a cell dies off, your body recognizes that cell is no longer functional and disposes of it, leaving room for a new cell to be generated. That message comes through redox signaling molecules. When your body doesn’t receive this chemical message, senescent cells remain in the body, and over time encourage other adjacent cells to die off, degrading previously healthy tissue. 


REDOX molecules also play a key role in cellular antioxidant use. While your body makes and takes in antioxidants from foods, they have to be activated before they can be used. Antioxidants are a major part of your immune system, inhibiting cellular damage from oxidation. RSMs activate antioxidants, making them useable in the body, fueling this vital function of the immune system. 


As we age and encounter major stressors, our mitochondrial function breaks down, and production of RSMs decreases by 10%, inhibiting cellular communication and activation, and degrading cellular health. 


As with all things, the body works best in a state of balance. A low level of REDOX molecules slows down the natural processes of repair and regulation of senescent cells. Additionally, an overabundance can contribute to oxidative stress and send those natural processes into overdrive, damaging healthy tissues and aging the body faster. 


REDOX imbalances have now been linked to diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid conditions and other autoimmune issues, as a driving factor in directing the immune system to attack otherwise healthy cells. While most traditional medications for autoimmune conditions involve suppressing the immune system, inhibiting your primary defenses, the real answer lies in improving communication between your cells and your immune system. REDOX imbalance can also alter gene expressions, activating conditions hidden in your genetic makeup that would have otherwise remained dormant and over engaging your inflammatory response.


The key to lifelong vitality lies in your body’s redox potential. Improving mitochondrial function and reregulating your RSM production allows your body to engage its natural healing functions and repair itself. REDOX Therapy provides these life sustaining molecules to return balance to your cells. ASEA REDOX is a foundational part of improving the health of your cells and your body.


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